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    The Annual Fund provides an essential source of funds we use where the need is greatest.
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  • NC Heart and Vascular Hospital
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    Ushering in a new era for Rex Healthcare, this stellar facility will be capable of providing an unparalleled patient experience and serve as a destination for leading-edge heart and vascular care. It will positively impact the lives of thousands.
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    Hope Garden opens its arms to families, loved ones, and all hospital visitors who need a place apart to relax and renew.
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  • Not your average Joes
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    Meet some of our contributors who, like John Rex, are definitely not your average Joes.
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  • Newborn Care Fund
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    Save the newest, most fragile lives with specialized incubators that nurture critically ill infants.
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As a Rex Society member, you play a vital role in ensuring the excellence of UNC REX Healthcare, the highest rated hospital in North Carolina and among the top 100 in the nation.

Join a committed community of supporters.


Who are we?

For more than half a century, we’ve helped patients and families in need…

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The good we do, thanks to you

From life-saving screenings and state-of-the-science equipment to bus fare and medicine, we step in to help  ...
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Help for patients & families

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…going through cancer treatment but you can’t afford anti-nausea medicine.
…being in danger of losing your leg, but you don’t have bus fare to the doctor’s.
…you’re 13 and your mom is dying of a disease and your dad is out of the picture.

You can help…
…with anti-nausea medicine for a chemotherapy patient. Read more
…with a bus pass so a patient in need can get to treatment. Learn more
…by supporting KidsCan! to help kids get comfort and support while a parent faces a serious illness. Learn more

critically ill babies a year
are nurtured in specialized
incubators that our
donors helped purchase.
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35children each year are comforted
while a parent faces serious illness
through our KidsCan! program
supported by you
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2,000women in need receive free
screening mammograms and
diagnostic tests each year
because you give.
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60nurses each year receive
scholarships to pursue
certification or advanced
training through your contributions.
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204patients per year receive
bus fare to get to treatment,
thanks to your generosity.
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cancer patients receive help
through our Angel Fund
each year, supported by
your thoughtful gifts.
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