Rex co-workers give back

Donate because you believe strongly in what we achieve here.

You’re in the best position of all to know what will change lives for the better here. Your gift means Rex will continue to be the best place to work in healthcare, one of the country’s 100 Great Hospitals1 and the top choice among patients and families for receiving care.2

Give a one-time gift or sustain us through a renewable monthly give, donate your paid time off (PTO), or give by payroll deduction.

“When I give to Rex, I see a garden or a snack cart for bereaved parents or some other improvement. I believe in Rex. And if there is something I can do to promote what they are doing in the world, that’s where I want my money to go. Yes, we can give to a whole bunch of places, but when you can give it to some place that you believe in, you feel even better about it.”

– Margot McNally, RN, ADON

“Our department is the first point of contact, so we interact with patients at a most crucial time. It’s important to make a great impression on patients, calming their fears and at the same time delivering excellent customer service. We’re not able to contribute to patients in a clinical fashion, but contributing through the foundation helps our patients, because the foundation distributes it where help is most needed. In giving to Rex, I feel complete. I can rest my head at night and feel I’ve done something good for the day, knowing that I gave back. It’s a great, great way to give back.”
– Joe Palumbo, Director of Patient Access

[1] Becker’s Hospital Review
[2] Recipient of the Consumer Choice Award of the National Research Corporation, 2004 – 2013.