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Paying it forward by helping someone else

There’s no better way to express your gratitude or to encourage others on their weight-loss journey than through a gift to the Bariatric Patient Assistance Fund.

That’s because your generosity makes a difference in so many ways. You are coming to the aid of bariatric patients in need — those facing unforeseen financial difficulties. You give them a hand up when they need it most, so they can fully experience the positive life changes bariatric surgery offers.

And on a larger scale, your thoughtful kindness benefits all bariatric patients through meaningful support programs, special events, and seminars that educate and inspire.


When you support the Bariatric Patient Assistance Fund, you play an important role in someone’s recovery and success.

Through bariatric surgery, a patient takes the first step on a lifelong journey toward healthier living. With such a commitment, it’s critical to stay focused and active. Taking the right nutritional supplements also becomes essential. But unexpected financial stress — unpaid leave from work, family emergencies, or the loss of a job — can derail progress, delay initial recovery, or even risk malnutrition. That’s when the fund steps in, with financial help to see them through.

What’s more, bariatric patients do best when they’re surrounded by support, in the form of information, education, and shared experiences. Special programs and activities, expert speakers and support groups are all a part of staying committed and living healthy.

Your gift provides the unique help that bariatric patients need most.

• Because you give, a bariatric patient who can’t afford transportation can make it to an important support group meeting or a medical appointment.

• Through your philanthropy, a patient struggling financially gets the nutritional supplements that protect them from malnutrition.

• A patient’s recovery is strengthened because a special event, supported by you, gave them the motivation they needed.