Grateful patient

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Gratitude is a powerful expression of the heart.

Give through our Grateful Patient & Family Program

One of the most thoughtful ways to say thank you for the care you have received at Rex is to make a gift to Rex Healthcare Foundation. Your generosity pays it forward by sustaining our life-saving work. It’s a wonderful way to touch the lives of patients just like you. You may choose to make a one-time or monthly gift or to make a gift in honor of your caregiver(s).

As a not-for-profit hospital affiliated with the University of North Carolina Health Care System, UNC REX Healthcare depends upon charitable gifts.

The beauty of giving to Rex is that 100% of your gift goes to work immediately to help those in need. There are no administrative costs.

Patient journeys

“I started my journey at Rex in September 2011, shortly after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. My fourth visit ended with surgery. It was a very painful situation. And it was difficult being away from my sons, ages 14, 7, and 6, and my husband. I don’t think it would have been so easy a situation had I not received the quality care that I received at Rex.
“I was surrounded by angels — that’s what I call the nurses, the nurse’s aides, the techs, everybody who came my way. They were selfless. I gave a gift just to say ‘Job well done.’ It makes me feel wonderful to give back just a portion of what they have given me.”
– Rasheeda Jordan-Oliver, grateful patient

“I said to myself, ‘Well now John, you got cancer. How can you be positive?’ I said, ‘I know I’m in good hands. I love my doctors. The people at the facility I’m going to, they really care. They’re passionate about what they’re doing. And it would be disappointing to them if I came in sad.’
“So I decided I was going to make everybody happy when I came in. And sure enough, it worked. And I didn’t know that the attitude I was developing was helping me get through this process. I just look at life differently. It’s just worth living now, and I live it to the fullest every day.“
– John Mitchell, cancer survivor