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Nursing Excellence Fund
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Support nurses on the front lines of care

Rex nurses are among the top in the nation, and your gift provides the avenues they need to advance their education and skills.

When you give to this fund, you help retain the high-performing nursing talent that is at the heart of Rex’s renowned culture of excellence. The opportunities you make possible ultimately benefit every patient our nurses serve.

Your inspired gift keeps nurses at the top of their game with:

  • Nursing scholarships
  • Nurse certification, one of the truest measures of a nurse’s skills and abilities
  • Professional conferences that help nurses stay current in best practices and latest medical advances, keeping their care leading edge

 Each year, gifts to the fund provide more than 100 nurses with scholarships and continuing education.

Why I give

Claudia Hepburn, R.N., an oncology nurse for more than 30 years, has been touched by cancer as both a daughter and a nurse. When her father became ill with lymphoma, he overcame the disease with the help of Kenneth Zeitler, M.D. The care her father received at Rex Cancer Center made Hepburn proud of a place where cancer patients receive excellent care.

Claudia now oversees the oral chemotherapy program, a program unique to Rex, which allows nurses to monitor patients who take their chemotherapy drugs orally at home.

“Working at Rex allows me to implement the latest and greatest chemotherapy regimens in a smaller community and warm environment,” Hepburn says.

When Hepburn addressed a national conference about her work with the oral chemotherapy, she donated her honorarium to Rex.

“My donation will aid in the education of all nurses here at Rex, allowing them to attend conferences and classes to expand their knowledge to provide even better patient care,” she says.

FostersYour gift saves lives

Moira Griffin, R.N., is one of the best. One day about six years ago, Griffin, a lactation consultant, went to check on a new mom whose newborn was struggling to nurse. Jen Foster and her husband Derek had delivered their first child that day, and he appeared to be a big, healthy boy. But on closer look, Griffin realized something appeared off with his breathing. He was soon on a life flight, and his young life eventually included several heart surgeries. Today he’s a vibrant, rambunctious six-year-old. But had his condition gone another day undetected, things would have been drastically different. The Fosters credit Griffin with saving their son’s life. This typifies the high caliber of nursing skills you support when you invest in the Nursing Excellence Fund.