Patient Assistance Fund

Give so a patient can get to treatment.
Patient Assistance Fund
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Help when major illness takes a financial toll

Your contribution provides a safety net for the neediest patients, lessening the financial hardship that often accompany major illness. Missed time from work, the costs of prescription medication, even paying for gas to and from treatment can tremendously strain patients and their families, adding to the sense of crisis in their lives.

When you give to this fund, you give peace of mind, allowing patients to focus on health and healing.

Giving to the Patient Assistance Fund helps Rex patients with diagnoses other than cancer, including heart and vascular patients, those requiring daily wound care, and patients being treated for infections or other conditions who have a high risk of the condition recurring. Your help is especially important because it helps keep patients actively participating in their treatment.

Your gift covers:

  • Transportation to clinics for outpatient treatment
  • Medications that help prevent serious complications or readmission to the hospital
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Home health care
  • Groceries so families don’t go to bed hungry
  • LifeVest® wearable defibrillators for heart patients whose life is threatened by arrhythmia