Gifts in honor or in memory

A tribute to someone who changed your life

One of the most meaningful ways to honor or remember someone who made a difference in your life is through a tribute gift to Rex. Gifts are accepted in any amount you wish to donate.

For all memorial or honorary gifts, an acknowledgement letter will be sent to you and to the person to be honored or memorialized.

To inquire about naming opportunities or endowments that honor someone in your life, please contact Amy Daniels, Major Gifts Officer, at 919-784-4434 or

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Coffer Suite

The gift of the Coffer Suite

Through gifts in memory of Dr. Bertram Coffer and the efforts of his family and friends, $59,000 in donations made the Coffer Suite a reality.

“My husband loved Rex, and he practiced there for 33 years. After he passed away, in lieu of flowers, we asked that donations be made to Rex. The suggestion for the suite came from one of my children. While my husband was a patient in the ICU, I was provided a room in the hospital. Knowing I was close to him was a great comfort to me. If we could provide a room for families of critically ill patients, it would reflect the kind of physician he was – determined to provide the best care he possibly could for his patients. We felt patients would benefit by having their families close by. And it would benefit Rex to be able to provide this service free of charge for families dealing with very difficult situations.”
– Mrs. Bertram Coffer

A note from the nursing manager of the ICU

“Our patients are extremely ill, and we offer the Coffer Suite to their family members who want to be at the bedside. It allows them to have a place to rest, take a shower, change their clothes, and just to have some time away by themselves, so they can collect their thoughts and get refreshed to be with their loved ones. The family members have been so grateful that they don’t have to be separated from their loved ones.

They are grateful for a good night’s sleep, yet they are close, so they can be right up here in ICU at a moment’s notice.”
– Kathy Quattrocchi, R.N., B.S.N.