Our generous donors

Rasheeda Jordan-Oliver
“I started my journey at Rex in September 2011, shortly after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. My fourth visit ended with surgery. It was a very painful situation. And it was difficult being away from my sons, ages 14, 7, and 6, and my husband. I don’t think it would have been so easy a situation had I not received the quality care that I received at Rex. I was surrounded by angels — that’s what I call the nurses, the nurse’s aides, the techs, everybody who came my way. They were selfless. I gave a gift just to say ‘Job well done.’ It makes me feel wonderful to give back just a portion of what they have given me.”
– Rasheeda Jordan-Oliver, grateful patient

Margot McNally, R.N., A.D.O.N., Rex co-worker
“When I give to Rex, I see a garden. I see an improvement. I see a snack cart for bereaving parents. I give because that’s how I stay in touch with the community. Because I work in health care, I know the money for which we are reimbursed takes care of business. But we rely on donors for the niceties for our patients and families and the community. I believe in Rex. And if there is something I can do to promote what they are doing in the world, that’s where I want my money to go. Yes, we can give to a whole bunch of places, but when you can give it to some place that you believe in, you feel even better about it.”
– Margot McNally, R.N., A.D.O.N., Rex co-worker

Joe Palumbo, Rex co-worker
“Our department, patient access, is the first point of contact, so we interact with patients at a most crucial time. It’s important to make a great impression on patients, calming their fears and at the same time delivering excellent customer service. We’re not able to contribute to patients in a clinical fashion, but contributing through the foundation helps our patients, because the foundation distributes it where help is most needed. In giving to Rex, I feel complete. I can rest my head at night and feel I’ve done something good for the day, knowing that I gave back. It’s a great, great way to give back”
– Joe Palumbo, Rex co-worker

Lance Landvater, M.D., member, Rex Society
“I’ve been operating here since the heart surgery program opened. It must be eighteen or twenty years. The administration and the board of Rex UNC Health Care have a wonderful vision for the future of cardiac care in this healthcare system, with tremendous growth in cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular interventional surgeries. Anything we can do to support this vision, and make it come to be, will be a great asset to our community and to our patients. In supporting the foundation, I am supporting the whole system. We are building a great program here, and anything I can do to support it, I’ll do.”
– Lance Landvater, M.D., member, Rex Society

Fred and Patsy Day
“Rex has cared for us and our children, and our three grandchildren were born there. We’ve developed a strong relationship with the hospital through friends and associates and many years of observing how wonderful a place it is. We wanted to do what we could, in a small way, with financial contributions. The latest one is to the Special Care Nursery, which we thought was an extremely important improvement that would help a lot of families and newborns. We wanted our donations to go to a place that’s near and dear to us.”
– Fred and Patsy Day

Sue Donohoe, Executive Director, Kay Yow Cancer Fund
“When Rex needed funding to finish the mobile mammography unit, that aligned perfectly with one of Coach Yow’s visions, to assist the underserved. It was the first time the Kay Yow Cancer Fund had provided funding outside of a research grant, and the board felt it was really appropriate that the first time we ventured down that highway, it would be with a local entity.
“The real winners are those women who might not otherwise have mammograms and an opportunity for early detection. Giving to Rex allows us all to be a part of that victory.”
– Sue Donohoe, Executive Director, Kay Yow Cancer Fund

Mary Kate Keith
“When I learned I had cancer, I remember saying to my husband, ‘It’s time to hold on tight, because we are in for a bumpy rollercoaster ride.’ I am glad that I turned to Rex for help. One of my first contacts was Breast Cancer Patient Navigator Jeanne Poole. Her smiling face greeted me the morning of my surgery and throughout my hospital stay. I am grateful for her kind and reassuring words. Dr. Jeffrey Crane and the staff at Rex Hematology and Oncology Associates brought me through treatment to recovery. Because of their care and attention, I can call myself a cancer survivor. When my husband and I updated our wills to include charitable trusts, I selected Rex Cancer Center. Perhaps my gift will in some way help another cancer patient move from diagnosis to recovery and a happy, healthy, and hopeful future.”
– Mary Kate Keith, breast cancer survivor since January 2009

Jean Carter, M.D., Rex Legacy Circle
“When I joined Rex in 1986, I knew this was something special. The depth of caring and concern for quality at every level was so strong that the hospital seemed to have a heart of its own. It belonged in, and to, this community in a very special way. When my husband Mike and I prepared our wills, we chose charitable organizations that reflected the passions of our professional lives: education and health care. Helping Rex to thrive into the future was something we had come to believe in. We encourage others to consider this way of ensuring that Rex Healthcare, one of Raleigh’s greatest assets, will be there, whatever changes health care may face as times change.”
– Jean Carter, M.D., Rex Legacy Circle