Rex co-workers give back

Donate because you believe strongly in what we achieve here.

You’re in the best position of all to know what will change lives for the better here. Your gift means Rex will continue to be the best place to work in healthcare, one of the country’s 100 Great Hospitals1 and the top choice among patients and families for receiving care.2

Give a one-time gift or sustain us through a renewable monthly give, donate your paid time off (PTO), or give by payroll deduction.

“When I give to Rex, I see a garden or a snack cart for bereaved parents or some other improvement. I believe in Rex. And if there is something I can do to promote what they are doing in the world, that’s where I want my money to go. Yes, we can give to a whole bunch of places, but when you can give it to some place that you believe in, you feel even better about it.”

– Margot McNally, RN, ADON

“Our department is the first point of contact, so we interact with patients at a most crucial time. It’s important to make a great impression on patients, calming their fears and at the same time delivering excellent customer service. We’re not able to contribute to patients in a clinical fashion, but contributing through the foundation helps our patients, because the foundation distributes it where help is most needed. In giving to Rex, I feel complete. I can rest my head at night and feel I’ve done something good for the day, knowing that I gave back. It’s a great, great way to give back.”
– Joe Palumbo, Director of Patient Access

[1] Becker’s Hospital Review
[2] Recipient of the Consumer Choice Award of the National Research Corporation, 2004–2013.


Rex co-workers give back

These Rex co-workers have contributed to the foundation during FY 2016. Members of the Rex Society, representing a special level of commitment, appear in bold.

Co-worker Donors

Aney Abraham
Dr. George Adams
Ms. Melody Adams
Ms. Wanda Adams
Mr. Sean Agard
Dr. Malay Agrawal
Mr. Jeffrey Agricola
Dr. Mateen Akhtar
Dr. Amanda Allen
Mrs. Judith Allen
Mr. Roland Allen
Dr. John Alley, Jr.
Mrs. Bernadette Allington
Mr. Charles Almeda
Mrs. Jodee Alpiser
Ms. Gloria Altenhaus
Ms. Carolyn Amditis
Ms. Dora Amsden
Dr. Curtis Anderson
Mrs. Paula Anderson
Mrs. Chanel Arnold
Ms. Lucy Arnold
Dr. Matthew Atkins
Ms. Sonia Atkinson
Mrs. Julia Aucoin
Ms. Rose Auman
Mrs. Amy Austell
Ms. Kerri Ayscue
Ms. Teresa Bain
Ms. Almedia Baker
Ms. Martha Bakken
Mr. Tommy Ballard
Ms. Patricia Ballenger
Dr. Mohammad Baloch
Tavis Banks
Mr. Glenn Barham
Mr. James Barker
Ms. Ruthie Barnett
Dr. Katherine Barrett
Mrs. Cynthia Barrow
Mrs. Ruth Bartholomew
Ms. Stephanie Baumhover
Mrs. Jennifer Beazley
Ms. Kimberly Bedgood
Ms. Rosemary Belden
Ms. Stephanie Belvin
Ms. Angeline Bennett
Dr. John Benson
Mrs. Sammie Best
Ms. Debbie Betts
Mrs. Sandra Bilal
Mrs. Anderson Black
Mr. David Blanchard
Dr. R. Jeffrey Board
Ms. Janice Boeck
Mr. Tate Bombard
Ms. Cynthia Boone
Ms. Jacki Borka
Mr. R.J. Bornhofen
Dr. Gregory Bortoff
Ms. Linda Botzum
Ms. Kimberly Boyer
Ms. Michelle Brack
Mrs. Colleen Bradley
Mr. Michael Brailsford
Mrs. Alison Breher
Mrs. Renee Bridges
Ms. Holly Briggs
Mr. Marty Bright
Mrs. Julie Broughton
Ms. Alison Brown
Ms. Carmen Brown
Ms. Debra Brown
Dr. Jeffrey Browne
Mr. Duncan Buchanan
Mrs. Judith Bundy
Mr. J. Riley Bunn, Jr.
Ms. Julie Burgess
Ms. Jessica Burns
Mrs. Nancy Burns
Mr. Stephen Burriss
Dr. Linda Butler
Mr. D. Garrett Byler
Mrs. Kimberly Byrd
Mr. Neil Byrd
Dr. Edwin Cadet
Dr. G. Hadley Callaway
Mr. Stephen Cantey
Mr. Frank Carpenter, Sr.
Mr. Patrick Carpenter
Ms. Christine Carr
Dr. Jean Carter
Mr. Jeffrey Carter
Ms. Patricia Carter
Ms. Payton Carter
Dr. Steven Carter
Mrs. Stephanie Carver
Dr. Francis Castiller
Ms. Katherine Castor
Mrs. Kat Catlin
Mr. Juan Cerda
Rutendo Chanakira
Dr. Sunil Chand
Mr. Charles Cheek
Dr. Hsiupei Chen
Ms. Meena Chhabra
Dr. John Chiavetta
Mr. Mike Childers
Dr. Richard Chiulli
Ms. Elizabeth Choplin
Dr. Michael Citron
Ms. Victoria Clark
Mrs. Sarah Clayton
Mrs. Cynthia Clement
Ms. Teresa Cole
Ms. Lisa Coleman
Dr. Ann Collins
Ms. Keisha Collins
Ms. Shelley Conner
Mr. Anthony Cooper
Mrs. Melissa Cooper
Ms. Julie Corbin
Mr. Randall Cosimeno
Mrs. Kim Cotten
Ms. Claire Couch
Ms. Deedy Cousins
Mrs. Meredith Cox
Dr. Jeffrey Crane
Ms. Camille Crawford
Mrs. Lynette Creech
Ms. Suzanne Creech
Ms. Dee Creek
Mrs. Susan Crowley
Mrs. Connie Crutchfield
Ms. Danielle Cyriaque
Ms. Amy Daniels
Miss Freddie Daniels
Ms. Maria D’Arco
Mrs. Tamala Davenport
Ms. Jill Davis
Mr. Marlon Davis
Dr. W. Kent Davis
Mrs. Robin Deal
Ms. Deborah Debnam
Mrs. Christine Dennis
Dr. Robert Denton
Dr. Donald Detweiler
Ms. Heather Diemert
Dr. Milan DiGiulio
Dr. Robert DiLorenzo
Ms. Josephine Divine
Mr. Tim Dodson
Dr. Brian Donoghue
Mrs. Lynda Drye
Mr. Jason Dubray
Ms. Latosha Dudley
Mrs. Kellie Dullaghan
Mrs. Ginger Duncan
Dr. William Dunlap
Mrs. Debbie Eason
Ms. Linnett Ebanks
Dr. David Eddleman
Mr. Maurice Edmiston
Ms. Nicole Edmonds
Dr. W.L. Wells Edmundson
Ms. Jacqueline Edwards
Ms. Peggy Edwards
Ms. Tessa Egan
Mrs. Tonya Eley
Ms. Barbara Ellis
Mrs. Glendora Ellis-Gibson
Ms. Shannon Enderle
Mr. Duwayne Engman
Dr. Kimberly Erickson
Mr. Don Esposito, Jr.
Mr. Chester Evans, Jr.
Ms. Christine Evans
Mr. Matthew Evans
Mr. Ronald Ewing
Dr. Mohammed Farooqui
Mr. Michael Fender
Mr. Paul Ferguson
Mr. Stephen Finch
Dr. Thomas Flaherty
Dr. Phelicia Flanagan
Dr. Jonathan Flescher
Ms. Lauren Fletcher
Ms. Kathleen Flynn
Ms. Kathleen Foote
Mr. Gary Alan Foster
Ms. Rachel Foster
Mr. Robert Foster
Ms. Lois Fowler
Ms. Jennifer Fox
Mr. Leonard Dennis Francis
Ms. Theresa Frazier
Ms. Joan Freeborn
Ms. Cindy Freeman
Mr. Joseph French
Ms. Eugenia Friese
Mrs. Arisa Fulmer
Ms. Cynthia Furlough

Ms. Ivana Galic
Mrs. Dana Garcia
Ms. Amanda Gardner
Dr. Jerome Gardner
Dr. Scott Garrison
Dr. John Garside
Ms. Brianna Gee
Mr. Jesse Gephart
Mrs. Jocelin Gibbs
Dr. Richard Gillespie
Mr. Charles Gillum
Mr. Micha Gittelman
Mrs. Mitzi Glazier
Ms. Michelle Godwin
Dr. Norman Goldbach
Mr. Marty Gooch
Ms. Becky Gordon
Ms. Florence Gorman
Mr. Michael Gorman
Ms. Christine Graves
Ms. Angel Green
Mrs. Jane Green
Mrs. Joyce Griffin Bullock
Dr. Christian Gring
Ms. Michele Gross
Dr. Timothy Gruebel
Mrs. Vishakha Guha
Dr. Vijayatha Gundarapu
Ms. Betsy Gwaltney
Mrs. Sylvia Hackett
Ms. B. Carolyn Haft
Dr. William Hall
Dr. Douglas Hammer
Ms. Michelle Hammons
Ms. Gail Hanrahan
Ms. Cynthia Hanson
Ms. Brenda Hardin
Ms. Brenda Hardison
Mrs. Ruby Hardy
Ms. Frances Hare
Ms. Denise Hark
Ms. Laura Harmon
Ms. Jodie Harrington
Mrs. Angela Harris
Mrs. Dana Harris
Ms. Latonya Harris
Ms. Ruth Harris
Ms. Kathryn Hartnett
Ms. Stephanie Haughey
Dr. Michael Hauser
Perry Haynes
Mrs. Kerry Heckle
Mr. Steven Heidecker
Ms. Kimberly Henry
Mrs. Ginger Hicks
Ms. Anneke Hill
Ms. Martha Hodge
Mr. Lamone Hodges
Dr. Vincent Hoellerich
Mr. Mike Holcomb
Ms. Susan Holleman
Dr. Michael Hollingshead
Ms. Antoinette Holloman Enoch
Ms. Elaine Holmquist
Mrs. Ashley Honeycutt
Ms. Emily Hooper
Ms. Karla Hosig
Mrs. Margaretann House
Dr. Edward Hu
Ms. Mary Hudson
Mr. James Huffman
Dr. Clarence Huggins III
Ms. Jennifer Hulford
Ms. Rhonda Humphrey
Dr. Kerry Hunt
Ms. Lori Hwalek
Mrs. Annie Jackson
Ms. Jasmine Jacobi
Ms. Aimee Jacobs
Dr. Mark Jalkut
Ms. Stacy Jassey
Ms. Darlene Jefferson-Hinton
Mr. Collin Jennings
Ms. Danielle Johnson
Mrs. Erika Johnson
Mr. Grady Johnson
Mrs. Jenny Johnson
Mr. Logan Johnson
Ms. Lori Johnson
Ms. Patricia Johnston
Ms. Stephanie Johnston
Mr. William Jolly III
Ms. Cynthia Jones
Ms. Elizabeth Jones
Reverend Logan Jones
Ms. Patricia Diane Jones
Ms. Traci Jones
Ms. Marcie Jordan
Mr. Brian Karim
Ms. Nab Kaur
Ms. Crystal Keeter
Ms. Tracy (Jeannie) Keith
Ms. Debra Kennedy
Ms. Brittney Kersey
Mrs. Vineeta Khemani
Mrs. Tammy King
Mrs. Juanita Kline
Dr. Mark Knelson
Dr. Martyn Knowles
Dr. Kenneth Kohagen
Mrs. Mary Kramer
Ms. Marian Kriston
Mr. Brian Krusoe
Mrs. Joánne Kuszaj
Dr. Alan Kypson
Ms. Susan Labarbera
Dr. Robert Lacin
Mrs. April Lalumiere
Dr. Jack Lam
Dr. Lance Landvater
Mrs. Lani Laureles-De Guzman
Ms. Janice Laurore
Ms. Valerie Lawrence
Tyran Lawson
Mr. Kevin Laxton
Ms. Rachel Lazar
Mr. Mike LeBlanc
Ms. Lesia Lee
Dr. Sherman Lee
Dr. William Lee
Mr. Chad Lefteris
Mr. Jeffrey Legay
Ms. Karen Leslie
Dr. Stuart Levin
Mrs. Jennifer Leviner
Dr. Ashley Lewis
Dr. Geoffrey Lewis
Ms. Greta Lewis
Ms. Jessica Lewis
Ms. Maria Lewis
Ms. Bonnie Little-Hildebrandt
Dr. Kevin Logel
Mrs. Ginger Lorenzi
Ms. Rhonda Lowe
Mr. Brian Lowery
Ms. Deidre Lozares
Ms. Susan Lynch
Mr. Martin Lyon
Mr. Ousman Mackalo
Mr. Brandon Smith Mackey
Dr. Thomas Maddox
Mr. Terence Makoid
Dr. Arun Manikumar
Ms. Lakeisha Manuel
Ms. Karyne Marcotte
Ms. Stacey Mare
Mr. Michael Marinello
Ms. Elaine Marshall
Mrs. Sara Martin
Ms. Diana Massa
Mrs. Elisabeth Massey
Dr. Satish Mathan
Mr. Benjamin Mathew
Ms. Maressa Mathura
Bobbie McConnell
Ms. Carolyn McCrary
Ms. Amy McCutcheon
Mrs. Lisa McDuffie
Mr. Colin McEwan
Ms. Rhonda McGuire
Dr. Damian McHugh
Dr. M. Dixon McKay
Ms. Katie McKenna
Ms. Rebekah McLaurin
Ms. Jennifer McLean
Ms. Cassandra McNeil
Mrs. Kimberly Meador
Ms. Sherry Mendenhall
Dr. Robert Mendes
Ms. Antoinette Miller
Ms. Barbara Miller
Dr. Colleen Miller
Mrs. Jaime Miller
Mr. Matt Miller
Ms. Sabine Milord
Ms. Esther Minick
Ms. Tisa Mitchell-Fullwood
Dr. Sameh Mobarek
Mrs. Sylvia Mobley
Mrs. Julie Molgaard
Dr. Thomas Monaco, Jr.
Ms. Adrianne Moody
Ms. Crystal Moore
Mrs. Erin Moore
Mr. Kirby Moore
Mrs. Erin Moran-Gunter
Ms. Vonne Morgan
Mr. Jamal Moss
Dr. Robert Munt, Jr.
Ms. Helene Murphy
Mrs. Jacqueline Murphy
Ms. Gorette Musitano
Ms. Julie Nagy
Dr. Keith Nance

Mr. Mbaye Ndoye
Ms. Ashleigh Nelson
Dr. Leonard Nelson, Jr.
Ms. Carol Newell
Dr. William Newman
Dr. Peter Ng
Mrs. Stephanie Niedzwiecki
Ms. Leela Niroula
Ms. Sue Noble
Mrs. Antoinette Norwood
Mrs. Paula O’Briant
Mrs. Susan O’Dell
Mrs. Angela Odham
Dr. Oludamilola Olajide
Mrs. Sara O’Neill
Ms. Caitlin Ortiz
Mr. Joe Palumbo
Ms. Evelyn Parham
Mrs. Melissa Parker
Dr. James Parsons
Ms. Rachel Partin
Dr. Deepak Pasi
Dr. Mohit Pasi
Dr. Rig Patel
Mrs. Patricia Patray
Marion Paul
Dr. Jon Pauli
Mr. Jared Peak
Ms. Geraldine Peddy
Mrs. Cheryl Pennisi
Ms. Josefina Peralta
Ms. Lindsey Perez
Dr. Paul Perez-Navarro
Ms. Gina Perry
Dr. Adnan Pervez
Dr. Adam Peterik
Mr. Ray Peters
Dr. Kirk Peterson
Mr. Steven Pexton
Dr. Robert Peyton
Ms. Mary Grace Phillips
Ms. Yvonne Phillips
Ms. Ambra Piccione
Mrs. Katie Pollara
Ms. Tracy Pond
Ms. Joan Poole
Mrs. Ashley Poston
Mr. Allen Powell
Mr. Tony Powell
Ms. Diane Powers
Mrs. Meghan Presnell
Ms. Carol Quimby
Mrs. Jill Radding
Ms. Kerin Raggio
Mr. Donovan Ragsdale
Ms. Sheri Ratchford
Mr. Joel Ray
Ms. Vanessa Ray
Ms. Shaundra Reid
Ms. Nancy Reifsteck
Ms. Chloe Reynolds
Ms. Laura Reynolds
Mrs. Kathy Rhodes
Ms. Darlene Richardson
Ms. Sharron Richardson
Mr. Robert Ricker
Mrs. Jennifer Riddick
Dr. Robert Rieker, Jr.
Mrs. Kirsten Riggs
Mr. Christopher Riley
Mrs. Kathy Rink
Mr. Noel Rivera
Ms. Judy Rivera-Felix
Ms. Elissa Robertson
Ms. Lottie Robertson
Ms. Elizabeth Robinson
Ms. Jennifer Robinson
Ms. Ramonita Rodriquez-Begley
Mr. Cedric Rogers
Dr. Gregory Rose
Dr. Robert Royster III
Dr. John Rusher
Ms. Raylene Russell-White
Dr. Ravish Sachar
Mr. Bryan Safrit
Mr. Antonio Sanchez
Mrs. Susan Sandberg
Mrs. Lisa Schiller
Ms. Judy Schneider
Mr. Tom Schnittker
Ms. Janice Schreck
Dr. Ronald Schwarz
Mrs. Melinda Scott
Ms. Dawn Seldon
Dr. Sean Selig
Ms. Linda Shaffer
Ms. Lisa Shaffer
Dr. Asad Shah
Dr. Sidharth Shah
Mr. Gregory Sharp
Ms. Kara Shore
Ms. Ayana Simon
Mr. Brock Simonds
Mr. Larry Simpson
Ms. Meghan Skalsky
Ms. Diane Skrutskie
Ms. April Smith
Dr. David Smith
Ms. Elinor Smith
Mr. Seth Smith
Dr. Vincent Smith
Ms. Vanessa Snellings
Ms. Jennifer Sollami
Mrs. Deborah Sollom
Mr. Ray Solomon
Mrs. Jan Southall
Ms. Ebony Springer
Mrs. Tammie Stanton
Ms. Donna Stearne
Mrs. Lydia Stepnoski
Mr. Robert Stewart
Dr. Jerry Stirman
Mrs. Katherine Stokes
Ms. Judith Strickland
Mrs. Shelly Strickland
Ms. Denell Strother
Mrs. Brenda Struder
Mrs. Gail Sturtevant
Ms. Lynn Styslinger
Ms. Ceira Sullivan
Mr. Warren Swanson
Ms. Tina Swart
Dr. Julie Taber
Ms. Evonna Taylor
Ms. Christina Taylor-Ripperger
Ms. Jocelyn Teasley
Ms. Jessica Tench
Mr. Al Terlaje
Ms. Chonetta Thomas
Ms. Carol Thompson
Mrs. Nancy Thompson
Ms. Nyla Thompson
Mrs. Pamela Thompson
Ms. Joani Tice
Ms. Ariana Tinney
Ms. Wendy Tippette
Ms. Michelle Tomlinson
Ms. Stephanie Tomlinson
Mr. James Tripp
Ms. Laura Turik
Ms. Alycia Turner
Mrs. Vanessa Twiford
Ms. Marlene Twiss
Dr. Bruce Usher, Jr.
Mr. Clyde Utley, Jr.
Ms. Monica Vater
Ms. Wanda Vaziri
Mrs. Melissa Vendrix
Dr. Daniel Vig
Dr. Jessica Virag
Dr. Keith Volmar
Mr. J. Matthew Waldrop
Dr. David Walker
Dr. Melanie Walker
Ms. Cynthia Wall
Mr. John Wallace
Ms. Sumer Waltenberger
Ms. Dawn Marie Walter
Ms. Nancy Wang
Mrs. Chelsea Ward
Mr. Frank Warner
Ms. Carol Watson
Mr. Cecil Watson
Dr. Jerry Watson
Ms. Dearia Watson-Harris
Ms. Sandra Waugaman
Ms. Tina Way
Dr. Seth Weinreb
Ms. Jessica Weis
Mrs. Jessica Werdel
Ms. Florence Whatley
Mr. Steven Wheelock
Ms. Frances Whitaker
Ms. Elizabeth Whitmore
Ms. Shellie Wilkins
Mrs. Michelle Williams
Mr. Tom Williams
Ms. Tina Wilsnack-Love
Ms. Nancy Winne
Mrs. Lisa Winters
Mrs. Terri Wojciechowski
Mrs. Michelle Woodie
Ms. Mary Lou Woodwell
Mr. Alan Wortham
Mr. Brad Wright
Mr. Ricardo Wright
Dr. Willis Wu
Dr. Robert Wyker
Dr. Mark Yoffe
Mr. Tramaine Young
Mr. Brian Zach
Mrs. Helene Zehnder
Dr. James Zidar
Mr. Andrew Zukowski